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Config Management Camp 2016: My Talks about Config Management and Containers

Ranting about technology makes most fun at events where you meet other tech people. On the upcoming [...]

Creating an event-driven Infrastructure with Salt Reactor

In this September of Salt I have yet another salty article for you. Today we take a quick look at the Reactor subsystem of SaltStack. The Salt Reactor is a component of the Salt Master daemon that watches for a given list of events and reacts [...]

Saltbox: A SaltStack sandbox environment

Did you ever wanted to play with SaltStack in a save environment without manually setting up hardware/VMs, installing software and lots of third-party packages? Now you can! I've created a small Vagrant project called saltbox-vagrant based on iac-vagrant, added some SaltStack formulas, states [...]

Configuration Management Systems using a Declarative Programming Model do not scale

I'm a SysOps guy for ~ 4 years now. I've primarily worked on Debian, CentOS and RHEL. I have more or less basic knowledge about programming with program and script languages like bash, Python, C++, PHP, ruby, PowerShell and VBScript. I started to setup and manage Linux servers using small shell scripts [...]

Deploying Windows Server with Foreman in vSphere

In case you are wild enough to run Windows, you can find my blog post explaining Windows deployment in vSphere with Foreman on the inovex blog. [...]

Troubleshooting a PXElinux boot loop

This week I was troubleshooting a PXElinux boot loop on a customer's IBM hardware. The system was added as bare-metal host in Foreman and configured to run CentOS 7. Everything that was necessary to provision [...]

Using Packer & Vagrant to bootstrap a testing infrastructure (Part 3)

In the previous blog post of this series we saw how to configure Packer to create images that can be used by Vagrant to setup new VMs. In this final blog post we create an example Vagrant environment to deploy a Elasticsearch and Kibana. [...]

Current Challenges when working with the SaltStack Systems Management Platform

People often hear me saying only the best about SaltStack, but there are few things that should be known by everyone who is starting to get into touch with SaltStack or is considering using it in the future. I'm often asked about the positive aspects of Salt, so this blog posts aims to describe five challenges when working with [...]

Foreman Provision: A Comfortable Resource Management Tool for Foreman

A month ago I wrote an article for inovex about Forman Provision. [...]

Using Packer & Vagrant to bootstrap a testing infrastructure (Part 1)

Imagine you have an IT infrastructure that is managed by configuration management systems like SaltStack, Chef, Ansible, Puppet or others. The state of resources like running Unix daemons, files with specific contents and a list of users that should be present on all systems are defined in code (Infrastructure as Code). A version control system like Git is used to […]