Config Management Camp 2016: My Talks about Config Management and Containers

Ranting about technology makes most fun at events where you meet other tech people. On the upcoming Config Management Camp (1st and 2nd of February) I will have two talks/lectures:

Configuration Management vs. Container Automation

Johannes Scheuermann and I will show some lessons learned and show how config management and tools like Docker can be combined in the real world.

Since the hype around containers is still going on, many people are planning to move their applications into containers. You can earn lots of benefits when making this decision. But similar to other hypes you will notice that you will face many challenges that need to be handled. In this session we want to share some of our lessons learned in both of these worlds. We want to discuss when to choose cfg mgmt and when to choose containerized solutions. Also we will show some use cases were you can use a combination of both strategies.

Automated Application Deployment with SaltStack Orchestration

A very technical and demo-based adaption of my talk of the Open Rhein Ruhr 2015 talk.

SaltStack is a new System Management Platform that provides various automations for the lifecycle of systems (HW/VMs). This makes it possible to trigger routines based on specific events using Salt Reactor. The event-based orchestration component of SaltStack recognizes f.e. the adding of new Salt minions (agents) in the Salt host inventory/database, the start of minions after the first system booting, the execution of any (distributed) commands (local or master-triggered) and much more. You can use this framework to provision newly created hosts/VMs with packages and configuration files, or to fully automate the rollout/deployment of new software releases and pre/post actions (DB backup, schema update, removal of temporary files, etc.).

Also Nils Domrose is going to speak about Infrastructure as Code using foreman_provision!

See you all at FOSDEM and Config Management Camp!