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Saltbox: A SaltStack sandbox environment

Did you ever wanted to play with SaltStack in a save environment without manually setting up hardware/VMs, installing software and lots of third-party packages? Now you can! I've created a small Vagrant project called saltbox-vagrant based on iac-vagrant, added some SaltStack formulas, states [...]

Configuration Management Systems using a Declarative Programming Model do not scale

I'm a SysOps guy for ~ 4 years now. I've primarily worked on Debian, CentOS and RHEL. I have more or less basic knowledge about programming with program and script languages like bash, Python, C++, PHP, ruby, PowerShell and VBScript. I started to setup and manage Linux servers using small shell scripts [...]

Current Challenges when working with the SaltStack Systems Management Platform

People often hear me saying only the best about SaltStack, but there are few things that should be known by everyone who is starting to get into touch with SaltStack or is considering using it in the future. I'm often asked about the positive aspects of Salt, so this blog posts aims to describe five challenges when working with [...]